Mittwoch, 29. Januar 2014

Hey there!

I just came back from a three week journey to Niseko, Japan. We traveled there to film for our upcoming FreeRidersLife movie - Drawing Lines. The Crew consisted of Mario Gattinger, Patrick Gstrein, Michael and Johannes Praxmarer, Stefan Mahlknecht and myself. It was an awesome and impressive time. None of us have ever seen that much snow before and there wasn't even a day, where it didn't snow at anytime. The japanese culture is truly admirable and different to our world. All people there are showing a lot of respect to each other and everybody is very courteous. Just the fact, that almost nobody speaks or understands an english word, makes it a bit harder to travel around. But if you describe your needs with hands and feets, mostly the people try to help you in every concern. Driving at the left side, going to toilet and eating fish from dawn till dusk is pretty weird at the beginning but you're getting used to it.
Altogether, it was a successfull and unique trip and I'm sure to visit Japan again in the's a paradiese for powder-junkies.

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