Mittwoch, 12. November 2014

A new season has started!

I hope all of you had a great summertime and is already stoked for the upcoming ski season. Besides of some downhill biking, hangin at the lake and some partys, my summer was full of working shifts. Two months of building organs in churches, two months driving a fork lifter and two more months of night shifts on the assembly line...Thank god summer is over!!! =)

Thanks to Klaus Listl - Freezing Motions for taking the shot!

I moved back to Innsbruck in early October where I´m going to stay for the whole season studying sports management and earning as much days on the mountain as possible. We already had a few kicker sessions and scored face shots in some fine lines. Not the most snow up there but it works! Have a look at my first jump of this weekends kicker session in Sölden... so good to air again!

Also check out my POV edit I made out of the footage filming with Freeriderslife over the last season.

Watch the full Freeriderslife - "Drawing Lines" movie to see the external shots!

Hope you like my stuff as I will drop a few more videos in the next weeks. 
I wish everybody a great start into the new season, stay safe and keep it simple!


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