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   Born: 07.02.1992
   Height: 178 cm 
   Nationality: German
   Hometown: Lindau
   Job: Student
   Freeskiing since: 2008
   Discipline: Backcountry
   Skiing areas:
Vorarlberg, Tirol

When did you first started skiing?
My mother put me on skis when I was three years old and she says I was really enjoying it from the first day on. Thanks mom!

What is so fascinating about Freeskiing?
On a good day at the mountain you won't think about anything else. It's living 100% in the moment, a kind of a parallel world that just brings the most fun.

Can you remember on your first twin tips? 
Of course, I bought them in 2008 and it was a pair of Atomic Notorious Limited Edition. A few weeks later, I got my first powder planks and skiing became my biggest passion.

On which Freeskiers are you looking up to?
I really enjoy watching Mark Abma, Tanner Hall, Seth Morrisson, Eric Hjorleifson and Sean Pettit doing their stuff.

Are you travelling a lot in the winter? 
I'm staying a lot in Innsbruck, from where I drive into the tyrolean ski resorts. But if the snow is good at home, I just go shredding with my boys in Vorarlberg. All in all I spend a bit too much time in the car and less in the plane.

What sport would you do if there is no more snow?
I would quickly die on depressions. Besides that, I would keep doing downhill biking.

Did you have any injuries from Freeskiing? 
I had a labral tear in my shoulder early in January 2013 but after the surgery in summer, the shoulder is strong again and free of pain.

What was your greatest ski-experience till now? 
Hard to choose one... but Revelstoke, Niseko and Gulmarg are in top three!

What goals do you have for the future?
Have the most fun, progress my riding, film and stay healthy.